Benign Anorectal Diseases

Common in the general population, It defines a group of diseases involving the exit part of the large intestine and the anal area. Diagnosis and treatment procedures are extensive and difficult as they are considered sensitive, painful, critical to quality of life and intimate.

Benign anorectal diseases (rectal diseases) are treated by General Surgery Specialists. General Surgeons who are specially interested in this subject are proctologist or  colorectal surgeon is referred to as.

Op.Dr.Gülden Ballı female patients She has seen the difficulties experienced in rectal diseases (female haemorrhoids, rectal crack, perianal fistula) and has been working on this subject for 15 years. As a lady doctor, In female rectal crack disease, it applies treatment by taking care of your privacy.

Diseases in this group:

Haemorrhoidal Disease (Haemorrhoids)

Non-Surgical Hemorrhoids (Haemorrhoids) Treatment

Ingrown Hair (Pilonidal Sinus)

Non-Surgical Ingrown Hair Treatment

Perianal Fistula

Perianal Abscess 

Anal Fissure (Breech Crack)

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