Perianal Fistula

It is a duct with one end in the anus and the other end in the skin. The patient's complaint is usually the discharge from this canal. Perianal fistulas almost always require treatment and do not heal spontaneously.

Why Perianal Fistula Occurs?

Frequently transmitted perianal abscess is causal. Sometimes there may be underlying intestinal and extraintestinal causes. Previous haemorrhoids, fissure surgery, inflammatory bowel diseases, regional injuries, immunosuppressive diseases, drugs may be the cause of the disease.


Fistulas can be divided into simple and complicated fistulas according to their contact with the muscles around the anus.

What are the Findings?

Discharge around the anus is the most common complaint. The patient's history should be analysed for the presence of a previous abscess.

How is it diagnosed?

Detailed patient history and visualisation of the external mouth on physical examination in case of doubt with absolute anoscope The inside of the anus should be evaluated. The fistula should be mapped before treatment, for the determination of its liaison with the muscles MRI must be withdrawn.

What are the Treatment Options?

Treatment options vary according to the map of the fistula. In all treatments, there is a possibility of recurrence at varying rates and especially in complicated fistulas, gas and bladder retention defects that affect daily life more or less due to possible muscle damage may be encountered. Therefore, it is important to perform the procedure in experienced hands. Fistula treatment is an arduous process for the patient and the physician, and it is important that mutual trust and strict adherence to the recommendations are observed in this treatment. 

The treatments are described below in order, and sometimes one or more treatment methods are used together.


Simple fistulas it is sufficient to cut the skin covering the canal and clean the inside of the wound left open Complicated fistulas multi-stage surgical methods are recommended.


It is one of the staged surgical methods in complicated fistulas. After the anatomy of the fistula is revealed, a loose thread of rubber, silicone, etc. material is tied loosely to the fistula with the help of a guide wire passed through it and infection control is provided in the first stage and abscess formation is prevented. After this stage, the treatment scheme is shaped.

Laser / Radiofrequency (RF)

The use of laser/RF in perianal fistula has become quite widespread in modern applications. The most important reasons for this, It is both reapplicable in case of possible recurrence and the possibility of damage to the muscle is close to zero. It is a method that can be applied in a very short time with regional anaesthesia and the patient can continue his daily life after the procedure. Especially in patients with complex anatomy and high frequency of infection, preceding seton tying is an appropriate approach.

Benign anorectal diseases (rectal diseases) are treated by General Surgery Specialists. General Surgeons who are specially interested in this subject are proctologist or  colorectal surgeon is referred to as.

Op.Dr.Gülden Ballı female patients She has seen the difficulties experienced in rectal diseases (female haemorrhoids, rectal crack, perianal fistula) and has been working on this subject for 15 years. As a lady doctor, In female rectal crack disease, it applies treatment by taking care of your privacy.

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    There is regular defecation every day...for 10 days the first part of the stool is very hard and thick...I have a lot of difficulty in defecating...about 10-15 cm....then the next part is normal and completely easily discharged...I have a lot of difficulty in defecating the first part...and I push a is painful...what should I do...


      Op. Dr. Gülden Ballı

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      Hello, first of all, get well soon Sudden changes in bowel habits should be evaluated urgently. I recommend a consultation with a general surgeon or gastroenterologist as soon as possible. Have a healthy day



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    Hello to my teacher. I gave birth 10 months ago. I stopped breastfeeding after 4 or 5 months, my son is now 10 months old, but I noticed that there was pain in my breast, pain, slight stiffness and milk coming from both breasts when squeezed. What do you think I should do?


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      You should be examined by a general surgeon. This picture may be normal or it may be a breast disease or a hormonal disorder. I wish you a healthy day.



    April 28, 2022

    Hello there My doctor said that there is no abscess in the perianal Mr and there is no external hole in the fistula, it is unfinished inside. He said that no intervention is needed. What do you think I should do?


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      Hello. First of all, get well soon It would not be right to comment without evaluating your examination and examinations. If you want us to evaluate, you can contact us on +90 (543) 432 83 86 for an appointment. We wish you a healthy day.


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      I had anal fistula surgical intervention 30 years ago by Mevlüt Topbaş, who was a specialist doctor within the technical possibilities at that time, and I did not experience any complaints until the last 1 year, and recently I started to have inflammatory discharges again, albeit a little from a point close to the breech mouth, this time I want to be treated by laser, how much are the treatment costs, can I learn exactly where is your address, can an appointment be made for weekends?


        Op. Dr. Gülden Ballı

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        First of all, get well soon. You can reach information about treatment expenses by calling +90 (546) 432 83 84. We wish you a healthy day.


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