Stomach Botox

It is the process of applying "Botulinum Toxin" to the stomach wall endoscopically. It is a non-surgical weight loss method. The aim is to prolong the gastric emptying time by preventing the contraction of the stomach wall muscles.
stomach botox

Who is Stomach Botox Applied to?

Stomach Botox
BMI value not suitable for surgery (BMI 28-32)
The operation is high-risk due to comorbidities which is,
Failure in weight control due to dietary non-compliance It is a method that can be used as an auxiliary treatment in selected patients.

It is not applied in pregnant and breastfeeding women, patients who have previously undergone bariatric surgery and patients who are candidates for bariatric surgery.

How Does Stomach Botox Work?

After Botox injection into the stomach wall, the patient does not feel any pain, contraction, nausea. Botox effect starts to be seen around 5-7th day.

With Botox injection;

  • The contractile movement in the stomach muscles is reduced.
  • Stomach empties late.
  • The appetite decreases.

Since appetite and hunger control is provided after the gastric botox procedure, compliance with the special diet list arranged by the dietician is easy and sustainable. You can get rid of your excess weight between 8-20 kg without surgery with gastric botox

It should be kept in mind that gastric botox alone does not have a slimming effect; it will be effective with a proper nutrition programme and exercise. The main goal is to help make healthy eating and regular exercise a way of life.

How is Stomach Botox Applied?

Gastric Botox is a daily procedure performed endoscopically, accompanied by anaesthetising drugs. After 8 hours of fasting, endoscopy is performed first, accompanied by anaesthetising drugs. If no disease is detected in the stomach, botox injection is started. With the procedure lasting approximately 15-20 minutes, the maximum dose of Botulinum toxin is injected and the patient is followed up in the ward bed on a daily basis.

In gastric botox procedure, the amount of botulinum toxin and application area are important in the procedure. With the right dose and the right application area, the procedure helps to successfully manage the weight loss process. 

After 30-45 minutes, the patient is discharged by providing liquid food intake. A nutrition follow-up programme is applied by modifying the nutrition programme specially planned for Botox in accordance with the patient's daily life and eating habits. At appropriate intervals, the patient's nutrition programme is followed by a specialist dietician.

How Long Does Stomach Botox Effect Last?

The effect of gastric botox lasts for the duration of the patient's response to botulinum toxin. This varies from patient to patient. duration of action is approximately 4-6 months.

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