In today's world, obesity is the biggest public health problem in all countries. The gold standard method for definitive and permanent treatment of obesity is surgical interventions. In patients who cannot achieve adequate weight control with diet and exercise and are not suitable for surgery; the search for non-surgical methods has led to research and development of new products for many years.

For more than 30 years, the swallowable gastric balloon, which has played a key role in the treatment of obesity, has been added to the intragastric balloon treatments. Swallowable gastric balloon is applied as a safe weight loss method with its superior features such as being placed without surgery, endoscopy and anaesthesia and being excreted from the body naturally. 

Swallowable gastric balloon, 

  • -unable to lose weight with diet and exercise,
  • -inappropriate to receive anaesthesia for surgical treatments, 
  • -who doesn't want to be anaesthetised, 
  • -need to lose weight before surgery due to high BMI,
  • -It can be applied to all patients who want to lose healthy and permanent weight without surgical intervention. 

In the light of scientific studies, successful results are obtained with multiple swallowable gastric balloon applications in morbidly obese patients. 



Ease of application, no need for endoscopy and anaesthesia for insertion and removal procedures are the prominent features of swallowable gastric balloon therapy. 

The ingestible gastric balloon Elipse (Allurion Technologies, Natick, MA, USA) consists of a compressed capsule with herbal ingredients and a thin catheter connected to it. The procedure is performed in the X-ray unit and lasts 15-20 minutes. Fasting and thirst for 4-6 hours before the procedure is sufficient. The patient swallows the capsule with 1 glass of water. In clinical studies, only %0.1 of the patients had difficulty in swallowing the capsule.

After the capsule is confirmed to be in the stomach by X-ray, it is filled with a catheter. The filled fluid is a special serum in a volume of 550 ml. After the location of the balloon is determined with a second X-ray, the thin catheter is removed. After the procedure, the patient can resume his/her daily life and start taking liquid food. No rest is required. 


Nausea and stomach cramps may be observed for 72 hours (3 days) after the procedure. However, these complaints can be controlled with oral medication in tablet form. 


The swallowable gastric balloon Elipse, by pressing on the stomach appetite centre and taking up space in the stomach, helps the patient who aims to lose weight to reduce portions, to feel full for a long time with less food; thus helping to gain healthy eating habits. 


In addition to a 6-month dietitian follow-up, patients who undergo Swallowable Gastric Balloon treatment are provided with a Bluetooth® scale for viewing and recording real-time data during use, a health tracker watch and Allurion Mobile Application to record progress on a weekly basis. These applications, which facilitate doctor and dietitian follow-up, are very useful in terms of maintaining motivation and sustainability of a healthy lifestyle. 


In the 16th week after the procedure, the balloon with a special mechanism starts to deflate. Within 8-15 days, the balloon, which is directed to the stomach exit door, is excreted from the body through the intestines. No additional procedure is required for removal of the balloon. 


Yutulabilir Mide Balonu tedavisi ve 6 ay devam eden beslenme programının uygulanması ile %10-15 kilo kaybı sağlamak mümkündür.  Hastaların %95’i balon vücuttan atıldıktan sonra 1 yıl boyunca kilosunu korumaktadır. 


As in all treatment processes; improving daily living conditions is essential for permanent and healthy results in obesity treatment. Even losing %5 of the excess weight significantly reduces the risk of diabetes and heart diseases. 


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