Endoscopic Gastric Balloon

What is Endoscopic Gastric Balloon?

Endoscopic Gastric Balloon is a non-surgical obesity treatment method that has been approved by the World Health Organisation since the 1980s and whose benefits and harms have been revealed by the medical literature with extensive studies.

The aim of endoscopic gastric balloon treatment is to restrict the volume and therefore the posrsion with a silicon balloon occupying space in the stomach and to increase the patient's diet compliance. 

 There are gastric balloons that can remain in the stomach for 6-12 months and whose volume can be adjusted by repeated endoscopies within 1 year. All of them are made of silicone material which has no harm in contact with the stomach wall and medical use.

Is Endoscopic Gastric Balloon Harmful?

Studies on Endoscopic Gastric Balloon have been ongoing for more than 40 years. Compared to obesity and obesity-induced comorbid health problems, gastric balloon-induced low probability complication rates have an acceptable risk.

To whom can endoscopic gastric balloon be applied?

Endoscopic Gastric Balloon It is a medical device developed to increase diet compliance in patients who cannot achieve weight control with diet and exercise.

  • * Body Mass Index value, unsuitable for surgery
  • * The operation is high-risk due to comorbidities,
  • * Failure in weight control due to dietary non-compliance
  • * In selected patients with super morbid obesity requiring preoperative risk reduction;Applicable.

Pregnant women in those who have previously undergone bariatric surgery,  in patients with gastric hernia or who have undergone gastric surgery Endoscopic Gastric Balloon is not applicable. 

How is the Endoscopic Gastric Balloon Applied?

Gastric ballooning is a daily procedure performed endoscopically, accompanied by anaesthetising drugs. After 8 hours of fasting, endoscopy is performed first, accompanied by anaesthetising drugs. If no disease is detected in the stomach, the deflated balloon is inflated in the appropriate position in the stomach. Blue dyed serum is used for inflation.

After the procedure, which takes approximately 15-20 minutes, the patient is followed up in the ward bed on a daily basis. After 30-45 minutes, the patient is discharged by providing liquid food intake.

Stomach pain, nausea and vomiting may occur in the first 5-7 days after gastric balloon application. For this reason, the recommendations regarding the use of prescription drugs should be carefully followed.

After the gastric balloon application, a nutrition follow-up programme is applied in accordance with daily life and eating habits. At frequent intervals, the patient's dietary programme is monitored by specialist dieticians. 

How is Endoscopic Gastric Balloon Removed?

All endoscopically inserted gastric balloons are removed endoscopically at home under anaesthesia, just as in the first application. During the endoscopy, the balloon in the stomach is deflated with special devices and the balloon is taken out in additional pieces with special devices. 

What Happens After Endoscopic Gastric Balloon?

After Endoscopic Gastric Balloon application, complaints such as nausea, stomach cramps, vomiting, abdominal pain, abdominal distension may occur for 3-5 days, although it varies from person to person. The complaints, which decrease in severity and frequency day by day, end with the patient's stomach getting used to the balloon. 

How is Nutrition After Endoscopic Gastric Balloon?

Endoscopic In the first week after the Gastric Balloon, a diet programme is applied in which the consistency of food will gradually increase. This period includes liquid, thin puree, thick puree and solid food period. The aim is to minimise the complaints of the adaptation process you may experience.

Your permanent nutrition programme is completely tailor-made and closely monitored by expert bariatric dietitians and clinical support team.

How Does Endoscopic Gastric Balloon Work?

Due to the presence of a space-occupying balloon in the stomach, the patient's portion size is reduced, and the appetite is indirectly reduced due to the constantly full stomach.

The patient, who is full with smaller portions and gets hungry later, can achieve 15-25 kg weight loss at an easier and sustainable pace with the nutrition programme arranged by the dietician.

It should be kept in mind that the gastric balloon will not have the effect of obesity surgery and will be effective with an appropriate nutrition programme and exercise. The main goal is to help make a healthy diet and regular exercise a way of life.

How Much Is Endoscopic Gastric Balloon Price?

Endoscopic Gastric Balloon programme fee varies according to the brand of the balloon used, the current exchange rate, and the price policy of the endoscopy unit where the application is performed.

How much weight can be lost with Endoscopic Gastric Balloon?

Endoscopic Mide Balonu, diyet uyumunuzu kolaylaştıran, kilo verme sürecine kolay  başlamanızı sağlayan bir yardımcıdır. Doktorunuzun ve diyetisyeninizin önerileri ile kilonuzun %10-15  ini vermenizi sağlar. However, your rate of weight loss will increase as you continue to follow the programme and maintain your new healthy habits.

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    zeynep aktaş

    February 19, 2022

    Hello to my teacher, I had stomach botox in Izmir 6 days ago, but since the 2nd day of the 2nd day I have been having respiratory suppression, I have been breathing hard and breathing, I talked to the clinic that made it, they say that such a thing is not a situation related to botox. According to what I researched on the internet, there are side effects, which doctor should I see, which doctor should I see, can you help me in this regard, thank you.


      Op. Dr. Gülden Ballı

      April 20, 2022

      Hello. First of all, get well soon. We do not expect such a body reaction with Botox; however, anaesthesia drugs given in endoscopy or other drugs used in treatment may have caused this condition or the existing lung disease may have come to light. First of all, I would say that you should contact the team who performed the procedure again and then get an opinion from a pulmonologist.


    Melike Akcan

    November 17, 2021

    Hello, can I request transaction information and price information, I need to have this operation in November. Thank you.


      Op. Dr. Gülden Ballı

      November 19, 2021

      Hello Mrs Melike, stomach balloon procedure is a procedure that we frequently perform in our clinic. You can reach my assistant on 0 (546) 4328384 and get detailed information about the process. See you soon...


    Büşra KOÇAK

    June 28, 2021

    I wonder where your place is


      Kader siar

      June 29, 2022

      Hello, you are doing ellipse swallowable stomach balloon application, teacher, self-melting and excreted through urine, 4 months old


        Op. Dr. Gülden Ballı

        August 26, 2022

        Hello. First of all, get well soon. Yes, we make swallowable gastric balloon application. For details, you can contact us on +90 (543) 432 83 86. Have a healthy day


      Op. Dr. Gülden Ballı

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      Hello Ms Büşra, our address is "Alsancak, Kültür Mah. Talatpaşa Blv. No:1 K:3 D:6, 35220 Konak/Izmir". You can reach my assistant on 0 (546) 4328384, get information and make an appointment. See you soon...


    İkbal Gündüz

    June 28, 2021

    Hello, how are the procedures when you come from abroad? Is a compulsory arrival required again to remove the balloon?


      Op. Dr. Gülden Ballı

      July 1, 2021

      Hello İkbal, if you are abroad, first of all, we make an online interview with you accompanied by our dietician. In this interview, we decide together which procedure will be suitable for you. Our obesity-related interviews are free of charge. You can reach my assistant on 0 (546) 4328384, get information and make an appointment. See you soon...



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      Ayhan yaman

      July 6, 2021

      I want to get paid


        Op. Dr. Gülden Ballı

        July 7, 2021

        Hello Ayhan Bey, stomach bo...ksu is a procedure we do frequently. You can reach my assistant on 0 (546) 4328384 and get information. See you soon...


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      Hello Mrs Nazlı, stomach bo...water procedure is a procedure we do frequently. You can reach my assistant on 0 (546) 4328384 and get information. See you soon...



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