Perianal Abscess

Occurring due to obstruction in the glands that lubricate the inside of the anus around the anus infectious is a phenomenon. It is a disease that needs urgent treatment and has a high chance of recurrence.

Delay in treatment or inadequate treatment life-threatening Fournier's Gangrene known by the name which can be fatal can develop into a very serious condition. Also perianal abscesses that recur frequently and are not treated properly, perianal fistula can lead to.

Why Perianal Abscess Occurs?

At almost any age and in both sexes can also be a disease. As a result of obstruction in the lubricating glands, the fluid secreted by the gland accumulates and the area becomes infected. However, in case of young age and frequent recurrence, underlying bowel diseases and immunosuppression should be investigated.


There are a number of potential gaps in the normal anatomical structure around the large intestine. It is named according to the location according to the expansion of the abscess starting from around the anus towards these areas.

What are the Findings?

Severe pain, swelling and fever around the anus are the most common complaints. There may also be discharge with the opening of the abscess to the skin.

How is it diagnosed?

Generally, anamnesis and anal examination are sufficient for the diagnosis. However, if the abscess is deeply located or if there is clinical suspicion, ultrasound or computed tomography should be performed from the anus.

What are the Treatment Options?

Treatment of perianal abscess is an emergency surgical evacuation. It is a short surgical intervention under regional anaesthesia. The wound is left open after the procedure; if the abscess area is very large, surgical materials called drainage drains can be used.

Emptying the abscess with a needle, trying to control the focus only with antibiotic treatment is insufficient in treatment.

Yeterli ve uygun tedavi sonrası dahi hastaların %40 ında perianal fistula is evolving.

Benign anorectal diseases (rectal diseases) are treated by General Surgery Specialists. General Surgeons who are specially interested in this subject are proctologist or  colorectal surgeon is referred to as.

Op.Dr.Gülden Ballı female patients She has seen the difficulties experienced in rectal diseases (female haemorrhoids, rectal crack, perianal fistula) and has been working on this subject for 15 years. As a lady doctor, In female rectal crack disease, it applies treatment by taking care of your privacy.

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    March 7, 2023

    Hello teacher, I wonder if anal abscess damages the vagina.


      Op. Dr. Gülden Ballı

      March 16, 2023

      These two regions may be involved due to their proximity. Make sure you are checked by a general surgeon and gynaecologist.



    January 19, 2023

    Mr.Hocam perianal abscess drainage was performed on 05 January 2022. antibiotic treatment was subsequently applied for 1 week. After the abscess was drained, I went for re-examination 2 times and as a result of the examination, it was said that the place where the drain was made was closed and it was very good. However, I feel a very slight swelling in my own control. I also have a feeling that there is gas in my anus area, even if it is very light, this treatment process will improve after 3 or 4 weeks. or what should I do. Yours sincerely


      Op. Dr. Gülden Ballı

      March 16, 2023

      First of all, get well soon. I think it should be investigated whether there is a recurrence of abscess with examination and further examinations. I wish you a healthy day.



    July 22, 2022

    Hello to my teacher. I had perianal abscess surgery 3 times before. It recurred for the 4th time. I went to another doctor. He gave antibiotics. We will continue for about 15 days. He said it's going well now. Then, according to the situation, MR will be taken for fistula. Previous abscesses were immediately drained with surgery and antibiotics were given. In this way, will the treatment process with antibiotics without surgery be a problem?


      Op. Dr. Gülden Ballı

      August 26, 2022

      Hello, first of all, get well soon. Perianal abscess disease must be evaluated on a patient basis. It would be wrong to comment without examination and examination information. I recommend that you continue your follow-up and treatment process. I wish you a healthy day.


        Sibelay uzun

        August 28, 2022

        Hello to my teacher, I had haemorrhoid surgery once, two months later, an abscess formed due to the cracks formed, I used antibiotics for 1 month, it did not pass, I had surgery to the same doctor. I used antibiotics for two weeks and again did not pass three days ago I had surgery on a different doctor, but the swelling where the abscess is swelling pain throbbing fever continues. My wife says that the place where the wire enters is painful. The place where the wire enters hurts separately, the abscess fog still stands. I say there would be no fog if it was emptied. But let me consult you. If he couldn't do it, I will sue the doctor who will come to Istanbul and come to Istanbul to have surgery on you.


          Op. Dr. Gülden Ballı

          September 2, 2022

          Hello. First of all, get well soon The picture you describe is a complex situation. It is appropriate to evaluate the events on a patient-specific basis and anal abscesses may recur. First of all, do not neglect your health and get an opinion from another physician in your area. You can reach us on +90 (543) 432 83 86


    Betül Gözkıran

    April 30, 2022

    Hello, my teacher, I had anal abscess surgery a year ago, these days, there is a swelling in my model again, it itches, what should I do and does this cause me a big problem in the future? Can you help me?


      Op. Dr. Gülden Ballı

      May 26, 2022

      Hello. First of all, get well soon. As you can imagine, it is not possible to make a medical prediction without detailed examination and examination. Be sure to contact a general surgery specialist. I wish you a healthy day.


    Hatice Latif

    September 29, 2021

    There is a swelling in the anus, there is pus, it is emptying, it hurts.


      Op. Dr. Gülden Ballı

      September 30, 2021

      Hello Ms Hatice, the complaints you describe suggest that you have a perianal abscess and that this abscess is uncontrolled emptying and then recurring. If this situation continues, it will lead to more serious problems after a while. You should be examined quickly and your treatment plan should be created. You can contact my assistant on 0 (546) 4328384 and get information. See you soon...