Nipple Discharge

Nipple discharge is the third most common complaint after mass and pain. If there is no pregnancy, all existing discharges should be considered as nipple discharge. İyi huylu meme hastalıklarının %10-50 sinde mevcuttur.

Under normal conditions, the milk glands secrete fluid. This secretion is discharged into milk ducts that gradually increase in diameter. The duct mouth is closed with a keratin plug. Causes that increase the pressure inside the duct or decrease the holding power of the keratin plug cause nipple discharge.

Benign and pathological nipple discharge

1-Benign (benign) nipple discharge: They are discharges caused by stimulation or squeezing of the nipple, usually bilateral. It may be white, yellow, green in colour.

2-Pathological (disease finding) nipple discharge: It is a unilateral, spontaneous discharge without squeezing. It may be clear or bloody. It is associated with an increased risk of breast cancer. It should be kept in mind that breast cancer may present as discharge without a mass. Bloody nipple discharge with a mass should be a warning sign for cancer.

Every nipple discharge should be taken seriously. There must be a Breast Surgeon should be examined and necessary tests should be performed.

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