The appointments for all your examinations and examinations are organised by our team. Our preparation starts in the morning on a day we have determined together with you and ends within 3-4 hours. Our team accompanies you at all these stages.

The majority of our patients do not require intensive care. Some of our high-risk patients may rarely need intensive care.

Having a companion for the first day after sleeve gastrectomy surgery may make you feel better. However, if you do not have a companion, do not worry, our team will support you in this regard.

You may have minimal intermittent pains for the first 2-3 hours after sleeve gastrectomy operation. These are intervened immediately with intravenous painkillers.
If you are working at a desk after sleeve gastrectomy operation, you can return to work after 1 week. If you have a job that requires intense effort, it will be enough to rest for 15 days.

There is no harm in taking a shower on the day you are discharged after the operation. You must dry your wound completely.

No catheter is inserted after the operation. Our patients can stand up and see their own needs 2-3 hours after coming to their room.
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Since aesthetic sutures are now used after sleeve gastrectomy, your stitches will dissolve and fall off spontaneously without being removed.

Patients who smoke after sleeve gastrectomy surgery are recommended not to smoke for at least 1 month. Thus, the healing of the wound sites is faster and the risk of infection is reduced.
It is recommended not to consume coffee for the first 1 month after surgery.

Your blood values are routinely monitored after sleeve gastrectomy surgery. In this process, your doctor can add vitamin supplements to your diet according to your needs. You may need to use supplements at intervals of maximum 1-2 years.

The natural sagging that will occur during this process can be minimised with light sports to be started 1-2 weeks after the operation.

You should share with our doctor even the operations you have had for many years. The fact that this physician has all the information about you is helpful information in the operation process, but past operations (appendicitis, caesarean section, closed operations, operations outside the abdominal region, etc.) do not constitute an obstacle.

Although this varies depending on the person, since the operation is performed by closed (laparoscopic) method and the hospital stay is shortened, the person can usually return to normal life on the 4th-7th day of the operation.

Pregnancy is not recommended for the first 1 year after sleeve gastrectomy surgery. There is no harm in getting pregnant 1 year after the operation with a healthy obstetric follow-up.

You should consult your doctor who provides your follow-up for the use of medication other than the medications prescribed to you after the sleeve gastrectomy operation.

It is sufficient for our patients living abroad to give us a total of 7 days. You can contact the clinic assistant or coordinator for the necessary transfer and accommodation services.

You can board an aeroplane as soon as you are discharged from hospital. There are no obstacles. You will receive the necessary document from the clinic.

Light exercises (walking, jogging, cycling etc. ....) can be started 1 week after the operation. It is appropriate to start heavy exercises after the 6th-8th week after the operation. It is appropriate to start after the week.

You can swim in the pool and sea 3 weeks after the sleeve gastrectomy operation.

Sexual abstinence is recommended for 3 weeks for sexual intercourse after sleeve gastrectomy surgery. After 3 weeks, there is no problem in starting sexual life.

Gastric sleeve operation is a restrictive obesity treatment method. If you follow the rules after the operation, your stomach will not grow.

It is not possible to gain weight as long as you comply with your diet after sleeve gastrectomy operation.

Revision can be defined as a correction operation. After bariatric surgery, patients can regain their ideal weight with personalised revision surgeries in patients with weight regain due to incorrect surgery, improperly performed surgery, and various reasons.

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